Unavoidably sexy


An unusual combination of exotic, modern and seductive.


The ideal gift for the most sophisticated woman.
The most iconic shape for a unique and bold style.

glam chic snake

Lady watches, Just Cavalli

As a man in love with women, the fashion artist Roberto Cavalli, substituting luxurious textures and intriguing models for brushes and palettes, with his watch brand Just Cavalli has drawn a special declaration of love for the female gender. No one more than the Tuscan designer has been able to pay homage to women with collections of watches that express all their erotic charge in a sifistic way, making them even more beautiful and fascinating. Just Cavalli women’s watches tell of a sensual, joyful, ready, adventurous, wild woman, totally free and over the top but at the same time sweet and delicate: a woman whose fascination one cannot help but be fascinated by. The Just Cavalli woman has a blatantly glamorous weapon of seduction. It is a woman who makes the wrist accessory her hallmark. Just Cavalli women’s watches with their unmistakable style surrounded by animalier patterns and textures, amazing shimmers, scales and colors, represent unique and luxurious creations. The lines of Just Cavalli women’s watches have an unconventional taste. Straps, cases and bracelets are used as canvases on which the different materials and colors explode. In Just Cavalli women’s watches we find all those characteristics that identify all the products made by the Tuscan designer: animal prints and snake scales, gold, silver and black. All the charm of high fashion is then combined with the high quality of the materials and the precision of the operating mechanisms and manufacturing. The Just Cavalli collection dedicated to the fair sex has studied, designed and created models suitable for every woman according to their style: alongside the riot of the most daring watch models, there is no shortage of black and white models, great interpreters of the most classic looks.